On Saturday 24 February, we celebrated 50 years in style, with a birthday party overlooking the magnificent Murray River.

More than 100 clients, friends, family, and team members came from all around Australia for the event and gathered on the terrace of the Bridgeport Hotel to pay tribute to our proud South Australian family business, which has served thousands of clients during our five decades.

During his speech, our Director Andrew Morris spoke to invited guests about the remarkable ambition and legacy his father Glyn, and mother Chris, created back in 1974 when they opened the business, and how lucky he was to continue building on their foundation of success. Glyn and Chris’ son-in-law Stuart, also spoke about the depth of time and service the Morris family put into their communities through volunteering, sponsorships, and more. This remains a part of what Glyn Morris & Co stands for, with its commitment to regional communities.

Clients and past team members fondly spoke about the exceptional support and opportunities they had been provided by Glyn Morris & Co over the decades as it set up offices in the South East, Adelaide Hills, and Adelaide.

There was a real feeling of mutual admiration and respect amongst the team members who had worked for the firm over the years, including recognition of people like Di Djurasevich who worked with both generations of Morris family directors. And it seems Di’s long-term service to the firm was not in isolation, with Rebecca Fergusson, Debbie Langley, Erica Martin and Briony Fletcher all working in the business for more than 20 years! Other long-term team members who have worked with GMCO for between 8-15 years include Jacque Purvis, Paddy Donovan, Anne Wallace and Kylie Cosgrave – with each given a special mention at the event.

This long-term commitment from many team members, alongside 50 years of operations, demonstrates how strong the future is for Glyn Morris & Co.

Thank you to all those who attended the event; it was wonderful to see so many of our amazing clients, family, and friends who have helped shape our 50-year history.